Nick of Time

Nick of TimeIn Nick of Time, by Cathi Soler, Marina Pietro seduces Nick Donahue, a professional gambler, who’s in Venice to hit the casinos. Who is she and why does she want Nick’s help? Does she really work at Eurotec International, a global insurance company? Or is she really something else entirely? How and why does the deal Nick strikes with Marina to capture jewel thieves go so wrong and get him kidnapped and brutalized? And what do bankers at SuisseBank Ltd. have to do with anything? Are they crooked, too?

Nigel Phillips, a friend of both Nick and Marina, slips and slides in and out of the story. He works for the British government; exactly how is not specified, but most likely in intelligence (MI6). Luckily for both Nick and Marina, Nigel can extricate them from some dicey situations. The opaqueness around Nigel tends to bring Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock’s brother) to mind.

Nick of Time is a quick and enjoyable read. I enjoyed the characters but feel that Stoler could have provided a smidgen more background to each of the main characters. Also, when Nick goes undercover to a casino in Monte Carlo to catch one of the dicey bankers, the alias he’s given is Roger Moore. Really? Maybe a bit more imaginative thought would have been in order there. But overall, a pleasant, enjoyable, fast-paced read.

I received an advance review copy for free, and this is my honest review of the book.

Nick of Time
by Cathi Stoler
© 2023
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