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Only Twice, a great love storyOnly Twice by Garrett James is a delightful ode to love that highlights one man’s life and how the simple act of telling one’s story can change another person’s life. The conventional viewpoint is that true love only happens once in a person’s life. But is that really true? Only Twice, a great love story, will convince you otherwise.

By chance, Jon drops down onto a barstool next to Matt Hansen, an older man, who was quietly nursing his whiskey. As Jon downs shots of tequila one after another, Matt looks at him and asks, “One of those days?” Little did either of them know that the outcome of that question would be lifechanging. Jon’s emotional reply of, “It’s been one of those lives,” encourages Matt to tell Jon the story of his life.

War, love, death, and a child, all hit Matt at once and suck him into a maelstrom of emotions that he tamps down to care for his child alone. Would love find Matt, again? Jon is irresistibly drawn into this tale of woe and lost love. But Matt disagrees and tells him it’s not about the losses you have in life. It’s about the love you get and receive. Would Matt’s story turn Jon’s life around?

Check out this tale of love lost and found again at And check out As Long as I Breathe by the same author at his website, (I reviewed this book here.)

As Long as I Breathe

Rarely will you find a love story that will appeal equally to men and women. As Long as I Breathe by Garret James is such a love story. James has brought to life characters that both men and women can enjoy, cheer on, and visualize as themselves in that situation.

Stephanie (Steph) Morgan is caught in an abusive love relationship. Even so, she shows herself to be strong and capable in her role as a single mom who has two jobs to care for Lilianna Rose (Lily), her seven-year-old daughter. She has the stamina to carry on after her fiancé, Matt Peterson, is killed while on duty as a police officer.

Mason Cain seems to be what the outside world wants him to be—a tough, tattooed ex-con who’s led a tough life. No one, except his new acquaintance and neighbor, Steph, has the privilege of seeing his true inner self. As Mason and Steph become better acquainted and closer, Mason’s tender heart comes to the fore. What will they both go through as their love blossoms and deepens, and the jealous, abusive boyfriend goes haywire?

Even the secondary characters are interesting in their own right. Lily is a smart, rambunctious, but well-mannered seven-year-old. Nicholas Canon, a DCI agent, investigates Matt Peterson’s mysterious death.  He’s also a strong and steady influence on Steph and her sister Beth. Can he bring closure to the matter of Matt Peterson’s mysterious death? Wayne and Jo, an older couple whom Mason and Steph meet while they’re on a short vacation, are fun loving and a great influence on Lily.

Well-written adventure

This adventure grabs you and doesn’t let you go until the final page is turned. Well-written characters and a finely tuned, well-paced story will entice you to read about and enter the world of Mason and Steph. And come to the end of the story wanting more.

The book and ebook are out now at

The author has said he sees As Long as I Breathe as the first book in a series. Do you want to read more about Steph, Mason, and some of the other fabulous characters, again? If so, leave the author a message at While there, read about his other book, Only Twice. Also, leaving a review online will persuade the author to continue writing more of this story arc.

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CreativityFrom Spark to Flame: Building Your Creative Confidence

Creativity is the lifeblood of innovation, driving progress in every field from art to technology. Yet, even the most imaginative minds can encounter periods of stagnation. The key to overcoming these blocks lies in actively pursuing inspiration and cultivating an environment conducive to creative thought.

Refresh Your Space, Refresh Your Mind

The influence of your environment on your ability to think creatively cannot be overstated. A monotonous or cluttered space can stifle imagination, while a refreshing setting can catalyze innovative ideas.

Consider introducing vibrant colors, varied textures, or soothing scents to rejuvenate your workspace. Sometimes, a change of scenery is all it takes to gain a fresh perspective. A day spent working in a bustling café, a serene park, or a different city can provide new stimuli and spark unique ideas.

Crafting a Stellar Resume for Creativity

A meticulously crafted resume is paramount in the journey toward a more creatively fulfilling career. To understand how to write a resume that truly reflects your creative prowess; it’s essential to customize it for each opportunity. Tailor the skills section with keywords matching the employer’s needs, highlighting your most relevant projects and achievements in your professional history and educational background. A resume that resonates with your creative identity can open doors to roles where your imagination can flourish.

Collective Genius: The Power of Collaboration

Creativity thrives in the exchange of ideas. Collaborating with colleagues or friends brings together diverse perspectives, catalyzing innovation. This synergy can arise from structured brainstorming sessions or spontaneous discussions, with each participant contributing unique insights. These collaborative opportunities can lead to unconventional solutions and inspire creative breakthroughs that would be unattainable in isolation.

The Creativity Journal: A Repository of Inspiration

Maintaining a creativity journal is a powerful strategy for nurturing your innovative capabilities. By recording thoughts, observations, and bursts of inspiration, you create a personal repository of ideas that can fuel future projects. This habit captures fleeting inspirations and enables you to discern patterns in your creative thinking, paving the way for deeper insights and more impactful ideas.

Broadening Horizons Through Diverse Interests

Pursuing various hobbies and interests can significantly enhance your creative output. Engaging in activities outside your norm exposes you to new ideas and experiences, enriching your creative palette. From learning a musical instrument to exploring a new sport or academic field, these experiences stimulate your brain, fostering creativity and innovation in your primary pursuits.

The Artistic Influence: Expanding Your Creative Vision

Delving into different art forms profoundly impacts your creativity. Each discipline, whether it’s visual arts, literature, or music, offers unique perspectives and modes of expression, challenging you to explore new ideas. Immersing yourself in the works of diverse cultures and genres broadens your understanding of creativity and can inspire your own innovative thinking.

Playfulness: A Gateway to Creativity

Incorporating elements of play into your routine breaks down mental barriers and opens new pathways for creative thought. Play encourages experimentation and risk-taking, which are essential for creativity. Whether through games, improvisational activities, or imaginative exploration, playful engagement can lead to unconventional problem-solving and groundbreaking ideas.

Mindfulness: Cultivating a Fertile Mind for Creativity

Practicing mindfulness can significantly enhance your creative capacity. Meditation, deep breathing, and mindful observation help reduce stress and clear mental clutter, creating the ideal conditions for creativity to thrive. A regular mindfulness practice sharpens focus and fosters a state of calm, enabling you to access and develop your creative ideas more freely.

Final Thoughts

The path to reinvigorating your creativity is personal and dynamic, requiring a commitment to self-discovery and experimentation. You can unlock the full spectrum of your creative potential by transforming your environment, embracing collaboration, documenting inspirations, expanding your interests, engaging with art, incorporating play, and practicing mindfulness. Remember, creativity is not a static trait but a constantly evolving process. Continue challenging yourself, seeking new experiences, and allowing your creative spirit to grow and thrive.

Thanks again to Leslie Campos of for providing an enlightening guest post.

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Garrett James

If you’d like to read some excellent fiction, check out Garrett James at His writing style is superb, honest and enjoyable.

He and I worked together on two of his books. It was a joy to copyedit and proofread Garrett’s work.

Only TwiceOnly Twice is one man’s coming-of-age story as well as a truly amazing story of love striking one man’s heart twice. This book can be purchased immediately at

Garret’s other book, his debut novel, is As Long as I Breathe. This engaging story is one of love, jealousy, abuse and tenderness. Can a man who’s been viewed as a bad guy and ex-con for most of his life be the one who saves a beautiful, loving woman from an abusive relationship? Can he use his anger, the “beast” inside himself, to show love to this woman and her young daughter? As Long as I Breathe is still going through a revision process and will be available for purchase sometime later this spring.

Based on conversations with Garrett, I foresee a good number of great reads forthcoming over the next several years. So, stay tuned for more from Garrett James. He and I will be working together for a long time to come.

Rebuilding My Website

As you may know, my website and blog weren’t functioning correctly in the past week or so. Since I am not that tech savvy, I had to totally take down my site and rebuild it. Consequently, my previous book review posts are a thing of the past. However, over the next few months I may repost some of them as I have good, old-fashioned printed copies of my previous reviews.

In the meantime, stay tuned for new reviews that hopefully will come with more frequency that I’ve been able to accomplish in the past few months.