Great Love Story

Only Twice, a great love storyOnly Twice by Garrett James is a delightful ode to love that highlights one man’s life and how the simple act of telling one’s story can change another person’s life. The conventional viewpoint is that true love only happens once in a person’s life. But is that really true? Only Twice, a great love story, will convince you otherwise.

By chance, Jon drops down onto a barstool next to Matt Hansen, an older man, who was quietly nursing his whiskey. As Jon downs shots of tequila one after another, Matt looks at him and asks, “One of those days?” Little did either of them know that the outcome of that question would be lifechanging. Jon’s emotional reply of, “It’s been one of those lives,” encourages Matt to tell Jon the story of his life.

War, love, death, and a child, all hit Matt at once and suck him into a maelstrom of emotions that he tamps down to care for his child alone. Would love find Matt, again? Jon is irresistibly drawn into this tale of woe and lost love. But Matt disagrees and tells him it’s not about the losses you have in life. It’s about the love you get and receive. Would Matt’s story turn Jon’s life around?

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