As Long as I Breathe

Rarely will you find a love story that will appeal equally to men and women. As Long as I Breathe by Garret James is such a love story. James has brought to life characters that both men and women can enjoy, cheer on, and visualize as themselves in that situation.

Stephanie (Steph) Morgan is caught in an abusive love relationship. Even so, she shows herself to be strong and capable in her role as a single mom who has two jobs to care for Lilianna Rose (Lily), her seven-year-old daughter. She has the stamina to carry on after her fiancé, Matt Peterson, is killed while on duty as a police officer.

Mason Cain seems to be what the outside world wants him to be—a tough, tattooed ex-con who’s led a tough life. No one, except his new acquaintance and neighbor, Steph, has the privilege of seeing his true inner self. As Mason and Steph become better acquainted and closer, Mason’s tender heart comes to the fore. What will they both go through as their love blossoms and deepens, and the jealous, abusive boyfriend goes haywire?

Even the secondary characters are interesting in their own right. Lily is a smart, rambunctious, but well-mannered seven-year-old. Nicholas Canon, a DCI agent, investigates Matt Peterson’s mysterious death.  He’s also a strong and steady influence on Steph and her sister Beth. Can he bring closure to the matter of Matt Peterson’s mysterious death? Wayne and Jo, an older couple whom Mason and Steph meet while they’re on a short vacation, are fun loving and a great influence on Lily.

Well-written adventure

This adventure grabs you and doesn’t let you go until the final page is turned. Well-written characters and a finely tuned, well-paced story will entice you to read about and enter the world of Mason and Steph. And come to the end of the story wanting more.

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The author has said he sees As Long as I Breathe as the first book in a series. Do you want to read more about Steph, Mason, and some of the other fabulous characters, again? If so, leave the author a message at While there, read about his other book, Only Twice. Also, leaving a review online will persuade the author to continue writing more of this story arc.

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