Great Mystery Websites

Great Mystery websitesI haven’t done a roundup of great mystery websites in a while. So here goes.

Aubrey Hamilton writes about forgotten authors at Happiness is a Book. She focuses mostly on mysteries written predominantly by American and British authors. Hamilton posts every Friday about a single book or sometimes about an author’s oeuvre.

From even a cursory look at this site, I will be hooked on Hamilton’s insights for some time to come. Most of the few authors about whom I’ve read on this site, so far, are unknow to me. But others, like Earl Derr Biggers, the creator of Charlie Chan, are familiar.

On a very similar note, Otto Penzler has, in the past, dealt in authors who have fallen out of sight. Penzler, the proprietor of the Mysterious Bookshop in New York City, had been publishing authors from previous eras, including the Golden Age of fiction at his Mysterious Press. Penzler’s bookshop deals in modern fiction in detective, crime, hard-boiled, thrillers, espionage and suspense.

On a different note, the blog collective, Mystery Lover’s Kitchen, is a must-see for cozy mystery fans who are also foodies. According to the tagline of the blog, they are a group of “mystery writers cooking up crime…and recipes!” They highlight cozies that deal with food and possibly include the recipes. Sounds delicious. I’ll have to give this website more than the cursory look I gave when I found it recently.

For those of us who are into podcasts, Kirkus Reviews offers a podcast about all things book related in their Fully Booked podcast. They say that their podcast is “the ultimate inside scoop on the best in new books.” It’s available wherever you get your podcasts.

(After a bit of an absence, I should be back next Monday with a book review.)

Scribd – a book subscription service

I just subscribed to Scribd – a digital book subscription service – with a one-month free trial. Rather than slogging with several books to the beach or on vacation, I could just take my tablet. Theoretically…

Scribd encompasses books, audiobooks, magazines and podcasts. It also has other categories that I probably won’t use like sheet music as well as documents and photos uploaded by other users.

Also available are other services like Pandora Plus, which is free with the Scribd membership. (Since I already subscribe to Pandora Plus, I’m not sure this is helpful unless I really like the other parts of Scribd. I could then combine these subscriptions.)

At this point, I’m not sure I’ll continue the Scribd subscription once the free trial is ended. That depends on how much I use it – the $9.99 monthly price seems a bit steep for me right now. I already subscribe to print editions of the magazines I most want to read – plus I dislike reading magazines digitally. Also, although I am extremely interested in podcasts, I never seemed to find the time to listen. (Maybe I can change this habit…hmm.)

So, stay tuned…

Scribd – a book subscription service – provides access to an extensive array of books, audiobooks, etc. If you’re interested in actually purchasing audiobooks, though, try Chirp, which I reviewed here.