Short and Sweet-Short Literature Pro Market

Short and Sweet reference book for writersDo you write short fiction, nonfiction or articles? Want to get paid? If so, Short Literature Pro Market 2019 by TC Michael is your go-to reference for getting your short and sweet writing out into the world. With more than 170 listings, this reference book covers a lot of ground.

Short Literature Pro Market 2019 consolidates the information needed to approach markets that pay for articles and short stories. This reference work covers primarily English-speaking publishers located in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Europe. This indispensable tool surveys topics like open period, response time, length, genres accepted by each publisher and pay rate. No matter your chosen genre, Short Literature Pro Market 2019 benefits your bottom line. Per the author, “every publisher must pay their authors at least six cents a word or fifteen dollars a page.” Some categories covered: children’s, crime/thriller, mystery, historic/nonfiction, humor, and speculative. Write in more than one genre? Listings include publishers in each category that’s appropriate. So short and sweet works need not be unpublished works.

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