Poem Published

I am pleased to announce that one of my poems, “Beyond Alice,” will be published digitally by Far Off Places in their forthcoming Spring edition, “Trespassers Beware.”

I’ll post again when the issue comes out.

Collaborative Consumption

Recently, I read, What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers.

According to Botsman and Rogers, BIXI, a bike-sharing system, which launched in Montreal in 2009, is one of a small group of companies focusing on alternative commuting solutions in large urban areas.

The BIXI system, now under the auspices of PBSC Urban Solutions, has expanded to other large cities around the world.  The New York Times ran a short article about PBSC Urban Solutions in the Business section of its Sunday, 1/11/15, edition.  According to this article, Bruno Rodi, a Canadian real estate developer, saved PBSC Urban Solutions from bankruptcy court and will take the company out of operating bike-share systems and will focus on selling hardware and software. Rodi is quoted in the Times article as saying, “We’re going back to our core business [emphasis added], which was to build this machine. I don’t need to worry about how many workers are on this street or in that city. It’s not my job.”  Huh? Don’t understand this one.

Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood

We are having snow flurries today…I am ready for spring and can’t wait until our pink dogwood tree blooms, again!



Sylvia watched the sailboats
outside her window
and heard the carillon
chime an elegy

The remnants of her love
fell around her
like flakes of soot
in the harsh glare of complexity

The sun, loud and clear
glanced of the beauty
of innuendoes
and circled her iron patience

Perhaps, love
in its altered dimensions
will take pity
on her boredom,
exquisite and excessive

And sting her again
with the astringency
of witch hazel.

Welcome to My Blog

I will be posting some of my photos and musings on books I’ve read.  In the future, look for postings of my poems and stories as well.